Educational Courses

Ethical Hacking Courses

  1. Quick Hack Ethical Hacking Course: For absolute beginners, starting from very basic things and terminology, this course is best for anyone who is very new to cyber-security or for school students who want to gain some knowledge with very minimum fees.
  2. Tech Master: This course is based on tricks approach where you learn things by doing them in practice. Take this course as a supplement to Quick Hack Ethical Hacking Course.
  3. (Coming Soon) Hack-Sters: Free Ethical Hacking Course, As we know not every student in our country can afford 299 rupees. Their parents won’t allow them to spend money on such un-conventional studies and courses so we have decided to launch a free course for students.
  4. (Coming Soon) Quick Hack Pro: Second installment of Quick Hack series where you will continue learning about cybersecurity and ethical hacking. This course is not designed for everyone and will be reserved for few selected people.